Monthly Archive: February 2018

Feb 18

What is the future of the topic of interior design? Is it likely to become even more popular than it is these days?

Planning the interior side of a home for a lot of people is a topic that is very hard. It is indicated by the fact that in order to do it correctly it is inevitable to have quite wide imagination that can help us better choose various commodities that would together create an attractive composition.

Feb 12

Why is the external wall insulation that relevant while erecting a house?

Depending on the thermic insulation features of the walls, their dimensions and the way of heating the house, heat worth several thousand zlotys each year can escape from the house.

Feb 05

The mysterious Amber Room – power of amber and gold. Something new, something glorious.

It’s the most well-known location in history, not only, because it was made of gold and amber, but also because of its wanishing in the stormy years of WW2. There are many guesswork of possible place of hiding the Amber Room (a few of them are in Poland – Owl Mountains, Nysa, Cracow). The Amber Room was made for Tsar Peter the Great in XVIII century (it was a gift from Prussian king Frederick William I. The large decorative panels were shipped to Russia in eighteen chests.