Nowadays offices, specially in large companies, are no more dark and unfriendly spaces. In the late 90s they have started to be colourfulcheerful and decorated with preaty patterns. Giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon there are just examples a few organisations which head-quaters abolish stereotypes of grim corporations.

Naturally there are still offices which haven’t changed, decorated with old-fashioned black and white colours, sometimes just because they aren’t interested in changes and only sometimes because of the corporation’s or professional specification (lawyers or funeral homes), nevertheless many firms and companies had already changed. The newest designs are the office murals, these are wall paintings which represent a firm’s specifics or a company’s spirit, nevertheless the murals patterns can be different .

logo.png|R|W=200]Office murals are mostly big and noticeable they should be good to look at, nevertheless they also should present the society (including employees, guests and corporation partners) how interesting, imaginative and outstanding are the corporation bosses, that this company is various (in a positive way) and more interesting than hundreds of other firms, that they support young artists, art and, what is very important, an different way of thinking. It is presented in the murals patterns and in the themetopic of the office murals. The motive could be various – vehicles, animals, stars, the moon even games – every single thing depends on the creator and the boss of the organisation.

It may be only a draft connected with things that the firm produce or a wall-painting with a specific meaning or an important message. In human’s heads murals are associated with street art, exposing constrictions and walls and not with the serious firms, but nowadays that sort of creation is becoming more and more popular and stylish. The time will tell is it only a temporary style or a brand new style in indoor fashion.

It is very interesting and nicely to work in a colourful and a different place which stimulate you to having a good ideas and to do something unparalleled. A appropriate wall-painting in a working place it is a good idea for a large number of organistaions.