Relying on the thermal insulation qualities of the walls, their dimensions and the way of warming the house, warmth worth several thousand zlotys each year can slip away from the house.


Autor: marja kingma
For various investors, this is a plentiful reason to take into consideration insulation of walls.
In most occasions, the walls can be insulated in a fairly easy way. It is normal that renewal will entail big costs, but the outcome will be not only smaller heating expenses, but also increase the aesthetics of the building. If the house was still constructed in the old way, it is almost certain that it needs thermo-innovation.

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But external wall insulation may also be requested in structures build later – when during the contruction the layer of isolation implemented was too thin. In both situations, the renovation should be preceded by a thermal analysis. This is an investigation conducted by specialist organizations, allowing not solely to establish how much heat slips away from the house, but also to precisely indicate spots that need particular care. The segment of the audit may as well be the thermovision verification. The following step is to choose the way of insulating the walls. At this point, various shareholders are thinking which isolation to pick. The broad majority of houses in our country is insulated with styrofoam or mineral wool. Both materials are featured by comparable thermic insulation qualities.

A substitute to wool and styrofoam are polyurethane or polyethylene foams. Because of the rather high cost, they have not yet gained much popularity, although they have several advantages.