Electronics – a area that hasn’t been known for a long time to representatives of older generation

Electronics and especially improvement of this field is thought these days to play a substantial impact concerning functioning of the people these days. It connected with the fact that, first of all, great range of diverse goods that are bought currently contain electronic systems that aim is to make it be used rapider and more efficient. For example fridges are nowadays controlled by wide range of buttons instead of various knobs that used to break down relatively frequently.

ERP networks as a choice to streamline the company’s moves. What to shun?

As information networks might support us? It is a problem long asked myself by corporation owners. They are related with large costs, but also has got a very high return on what we put in it. However, for this to happen, the setup have to first be properly implemented. Comarch ERP Optima addition to the stadard work of control, makes possible the action to external documents (as well as on the inside, nevertheless this is not wanted on the eryfied stock – it hapens in the based storage), as well as implement discount systems for our products.